The good, the bad, the wonky…anniversaries

Today was Mother’s Day. A special day for many. A tougher day for some. For me?… it was a strange mix. A very strange mix.

One year ago, on Mother’s Day morning, I held my Dad as he died. I can barely write this as it still seems fresh and unbelievable. He was my best friend. My longest friend. And, someone I miss deeply.

Today was one of those “first anniversaries” for me. A hard one as my brain relives the sights, sounds, words, smells, feelings, gestures, hugs, love, tears of this day, one year ago. (even though the official date was the 10th… it still was Mother’s Day, on the Sunday) (and will I go through this again on the 10th?)


I have friends who lost their mother this past year, so today was a first for them as well. I imagined how tough it might have been for those friends on facebook to watch the stream of loving photos and love notes.

“Hallmark” holidays can be a challenge. Especially if you didn’t have a great childhood or a parent who just couldn’t love you the way you would hope.  And, if one of these commercial days happen to fall on a significant date for you and your loved ones, the wonkyness increases. Just as it’s been for me today.

But… it still was Mother’s Day and my Mom is still here.

It’s been a tough year for her… well, a few tough years and then today showed up. Fortunately, a good friend kicked in and we teamed up to successfully get Mom up and out (even though I’m in Vancouver and they’re in Prince Edward Island). She ended up having a good country afternoon which included a Skype visit for us.


Tonight, I will attempt to go to sleep after a little chat, and a brandy “with” my Papa, and tell him his love was taken care of today and she had a better Mother’s Day than anticipated.

Mom Dad

And, me? I’m writing a blog post to help me. Haha… But he probably knows all of this already.

How was your day? In all sincerity, I hope you found a way to embrace it peacefully whatever your situation. And, if your mother is still around and your relationship is good, I hope you had fun!



Always … Patsy Cline

I went to the opening night of “Always…Patsy Cline” because I knew my friend had a good role in the show and I enjoy supporting the company First Impressions Theatre as they’re pretty special people. As the lights dimmed, I leaned over to my friend and whispered, “I hate country music”. He whispered back, “You’re in the wrong place”. I settled in, despite my attitude.

Well… that attitude… Continue reading “Always … Patsy Cline”

Colour in movement…

I’m excited. My director of my one woman show Dusty Shoes, Dean Fogal, is having an art show in Vancouver during the first weekend in May (see below).

Dean’s work is full of colour, movement, symbols and is obviously inspired by his skills as a physical theatre professional. Unusual is his medium of felt, paper, and paint. Dive down into caves, walk through forests, fly with birds, let go of expectations, float with landscapes, dance with myths, kiss in a rowboat, run from a bus, worship some shadows… These are just a few of the places you will go when strolling past pieces created by Dean.


I would like to… Continue reading “Colour in movement…”

Soleful heeling and more…!

Can I tell you about a favourite place of mine? Okay… thanks!
I’ve just arrived home after a blissful couple of hours at Kalyana in Ambleside (West Vancouver). I’m deliciously relaxed and feeling a little more human than I did earlier today. I’ve been working on set in costumes for the last couple of days. It’s pretty physical and it didn’t help that I ran into a c stand at one point…ouch. (it’s not always quite the glamorous job everyone imagines)
A fantastic chair massage by … Continue reading “Soleful heeling and more…!”


Red.. the name of the play I saw a few days ago. Red… the colour of love, of anger, of strawberries, of blood, of carnations, of rosy cheeks, of cooked lobster, of cheeky lipstick, of eyes that have cried too much. The list goes on. Red.

Red by John Logan, produced by First Impressions Theatre of Deep Cove, directed by Jim Hebb and performed by Cameron McDonald (Mark Rothko) and Mike Bodzanowski (Ken), is brilliant. Thoughtfully written (I kept wanting to write down quotes in my dark theatre seat), this production takes the words off the page and splashes them around with no false notes. I want to go back.

I grew up with a painter….. Continue reading “RED….”