Demain… Tomorrow… There will be one…

Hope. Commitment. Change. Health. Care. Movement. Not waiting for someone else to solve the problem.

That’s what we need. What the whole world needs. Especially, right now when there seems to be small groups of people making decisions that put millions at jeopardy, world wide.

The film “Demain” (Tomorrow) is an elixir, a well needed boost of encouragement to an overwhelmed feeling I’ve been experiencing lately.  “Demain“, which is mostly in English with French subtitles as there are many international interviews, is a documentary that takes us around the world to witness how different communities are taking social, healthy movements back into their own hands, through gardening.


Yes. Gardening.

My previous post discussed “The Gardener“, the opening film of the Rendez-Vous French Film Festival, February 2nd, and this film, “Demain”, takes yet another angle on getting your hands in the dirt.

Why am I and so many others inspired? Because this film brings to our attention the wonderful and hopeful actions by so many in the world who have turned their variety of spaces on this planet into green, food producing plots. It could be a farm with a small field, a patch beside a city sidewalk, a rooftop or a herbal garden in a cafe.There are precious spots awaiting everywhere.

Starvation doesn’t have to exist.

In a time, where I feel increasingly sad about the state of the world, “Demain” gives me hope for humanity. If you need invigorating incentive to regain some control for your community, your family and you, “Demain” will inspire! As I write this post, I remember that I wanted to try growing kale on my balcony, and also get my herb garden going again. Tomorrow! 🙂

There are two showings of “Demain” during the Rendez-Vous French Festival, 1:30pm on Saturday, February 4th (no English subtitles but there is a lot of English spoken), and 2:00pm on Wednesday, February 8th (with English subtitles).

Online tickets or at the door.

Counter the current negative energy and give yourself the gift of a positive journey around the world with a documentary that empowers.

#RVCQF17 For more information about the Festival from February 2-12th…


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