“On a First Name Basis”

Take an upper echelon, self absorbed (until today) writer, and his clever, under appreciated housekeeper and throw in some expensive bottles of booze. The result? A wonky waltz of intellectual and emotional discovery.

When writer, David, insists on them using first names and crossing boundaries, the awkward fun begins. Especially as he didn’t even know her first name. After twenty eight years of service.

C_FK06mUAAASyEn.jpg large

First Impressions Theatre has once again produced a fun, thoughtful, and emotional (dammit, you made me cry!) piece of theatre, written by the clever Norm Foster. Directed by Claude A. Giroux, Louise Porter, “Lucy Hopperstaad”, and Ryan Crocker, “David Kilbride”, tackle this wordy script with affection and playfulness. I love watching two of my friends banter with twinkles in their eyes. I always say: “If you’re having fun on stage, then we are having fun in the audience.” Oh, and that yummy set. My favourite colours.

The script is smart and has us thinking about the English language and our life. Expressions are explored. “Died prematurely” turns into a discussion about “dying right on schedule”. “Saw it with my own eyes”… well, what other eyes would you have? There are philosophical questions that also arise. “Who will be by your side when you die?” “It’s all about life’s little vignettes.”

I would give more examples but it would spoil your journey when YOU go to see the compelling duo manage their differences and discover their secrets. After the show, at the pub, you might find yourself sharing your secret playlist on your device with your friends.

Do we really know each other?

“On a First Name Basis” plays Wednesday through Saturdays at 8pm at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre from May 4th to May 20th, 2017.

Treat yourself to a Deep Cove outing where the view is still beautiful at this time of day, have a bite to eat, and pull up a seat for some live theatre.

For tickets…

Vive le Théâtre!


One thought on ““On a First Name Basis”

  1. Kate Stewart

    Your words made me feel I’m definitely missing something intriguing and fun here. Sure wish my thoughts could be converted into an instant distance conveyor. Think I would really enjoy this one – drats, you, drats!

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