Truly Canadian….

Happy Canada Day ALL!! Joyeuse FETE du Canada!

When people ask me where I’m from I have a difficult time answering. Eventually, I say Canada. Born in Vancouver, brought up in Banff and PEI, schooled in London, Ontario, and Quebec City (La Ville de Quebec) (et, oui.. je parle le Francais!), lived in Frederiction, Ottawa, Montreal. Worked in Banff, Vancouver, and theatrically toured all the Western provinces.

I feel Canadian.


My first road trip across the country was with… my parents when I was eight, in a VW van. Since that time I have been across the country many times, and love seeing this land over and over. And, nope… I’m not bored when I hit Northern Ontario. I see art everywhere.

My solo 2014 trip (blogged extensively here) was an extra special trip. Making this little slideshow of a few iconic Canadian moments during that trip brought back happy memories and re-energized me.

Enjoy, amusez-vous, and take a moment to cherish your Canadian-ess. 🙂 It’s more than “EH”.


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