Playing Russian Roulette with the Elderly in Prince Edward Island

The Riverview Manor in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

A place no-one wants to spend the last part of their life. But the decrepit nursing home building is full of the community’s elderly. The community’s loved ones. I know it well. Because of my Dad.


Last week I wrote an article to light a spark of action toward the repeated promised construction of a new Manor. Two days ago I wrote another one to remind the government of the safety of the people, especially fire. And, tonight… Continue reading “Playing Russian Roulette with the Elderly in Prince Edward Island”

Shift funds, break ground… give hope.

Over eight thousand views. That’s how many times “Enough is Enough, Prince Edward Island” published this past week was read.

Witnessing the stats of my blog post growing the past few days and seeing the unbelievable amount of shares on FaceBook, is confirming. Montague needed a match to light the smoldering embers of hope gone.

Thank you to all who boldly shared my words. It has created a renewed energy that will hopefully continue.

Premier Wade MacLaughlin and MLA Allen Roach showed up unexpectedly to… Continue reading “Shift funds, break ground… give hope.”

Enough is enough, Prince Edward Island…

October 26, 2016

I’m back.

I haven’t written in here for awhile. A long while. Over a year. And, it’s been quite a period of time.

Starting with the death of my best friend, my Dad, May of 2015, looking after my Mom, doing my one woman show (Dusty Shoes) because I had promised my Dad I would, my thirteen year relationship ending, creating a new Christmas ritual as things were VERY different, giving myself a Puerto Rican vacation break, more back and forth between my two “homes” PEI and Vancouver (which is where my hat is truly hung) and MORE!

But. I’m not here to talk about me.

I’m here to talk about… Continue reading “Enough is enough, Prince Edward Island…”

The good, the bad, the wonky…anniversaries

Today was Mother’s Day. A special day for many. A tougher day for some. For me?… it was a strange mix. A very strange mix.

One year ago, on Mother’s Day morning, I held my Dad as he died. I can barely write this as it still seems fresh and unbelievable. He was my best friend. My longest friend. And, someone I miss deeply.

Today was one of those “first anniversaries” for me. A hard one as my brain relives the sights, sounds, words, smells, feelings, gestures, hugs, love, tears of this day, one year ago. (even though the official date was the 10th… it still was Mother’s Day, on the Sunday) (and will I go through this again on the 10th?)


I have friends who lost their mother this past year, so today was a first for them as well. I imagined how tough it might have been for those friends on facebook to watch the stream of loving photos and love notes.

“Hallmark” holidays can be a challenge. Especially if you didn’t have a great childhood or a parent who just couldn’t love you the way you would hope.  And, if one of these commercial days happen to fall on a significant date for you and your loved ones, the wonkyness increases. Just as it’s been for me today.

But… it still was Mother’s Day and my Mom is still here.

It’s been a tough year for her… well, a few tough years and then today showed up. Fortunately, a good friend kicked in and we teamed up to successfully get Mom up and out (even though I’m in Vancouver and they’re in Prince Edward Island). She ended up having a good country afternoon which included a Skype visit for us.


Tonight, I will attempt to go to sleep after a little chat, and a brandy “with” my Papa, and tell him his love was taken care of today and she had a better Mother’s Day than anticipated.

Mom Dad

And, me? I’m writing a blog post to help me. Haha… But he probably knows all of this already.

How was your day? In all sincerity, I hope you found a way to embrace it peacefully whatever your situation. And, if your mother is still around and your relationship is good, I hope you had fun!



Western Canada….. finally

It’s my last day on the road. Last day traveling. By the time I reach Vancouver I will have driven at least 12,000 km.


I’ve been very fortunate, thus far (still have to drive from Penticton to Vancouver today) with weather and nothing dramatic. Hope the trend continues for the day.

I have seen SO much terrain, beautiful show stopping, provocative scenery. I have been with so many types of families, homes, motels, and had such a variation of conversations along the way.


I have a lot to think about. To process.

I am very thankful for this voyage.


We still have some route to do so BUCKLE up and one more final route.


Rocks and Trees and Trees and Rocks and … waterrrrr!

A Canadian group, The Arrogant Worms, coined my title. I borrowed it from their fun song, Rocks and Trees.  It’s true, true, true! Northern Ontario fascinates me with its wilderness and its people. IMG_5367trip Today I searched for a truck stop for breakfast and was dubious when… Continue reading “Rocks and Trees and Trees and Rocks and … waterrrrr!”

Sault Ste. Marie, Cirque, some memories…

I’ve lost count what day this is on my return road trip. Does it really matter?

Tonight I sit in a motel in Nipigon, the same town where I stopped on the way east. This time I chose a better motel.

Today I drove from Sault Ste. Marie (the “Soo”). The day was perfect. Dry roads and clear, sunny skies. I’m a lucky mook as it had snowed in this area in the day or two before. Whew… that was close!


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