Playing Russian Roulette with the Elderly in Prince Edward Island

The Riverview Manor in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

A place no-one wants to spend the last part of their life. But the decrepit nursing home building is full of the community’s elderly. The community’s loved ones. I know it well. Because of my Dad.


Last week I wrote an article to light a spark of action toward the repeated promised construction of a new Manor. Two days ago I wrote another one to remind the government of the safety of the people, especially fire. And, tonight… …I sit in Vancouver attempting to write a reaction to the news article by The Eastern Graphic that was on the stands earlier today in Kings County, PEI. (update: another announcement that baffles)

I’m not finding it easy to write. Why? Because I feel nothing has changed and I feel sad.  Montague has to now rely on prayer and holding of one’s breath that there will be no danger to the residents. The government are playing Russian roulette with the elderly who are probably unaware of the risk they are taking living in that building.

And, all we have is another promise for the spring of 2017:

“A letter to residents and staff at Riverview Manor, following a visit to the facility by the premier and an MLA late last week, ratifies the province’s stand that breaking ground to build a new facility won’t happen until spring of 2017.”

“The province’s stand is firm despite the fact that ceiling tiles in one of the common rooms in the 49 year old health care facility recently fell to the floor from the weight of the water leaking into the building during an October 22nd rain storm. Other signs of  deterioration are clearly visible inside the facility.”

My energy wanes as I realize this battle is well rehearsed, and the scene never gets rewritten.

But, then I think of Dad, of James, of Bob, of Jesse, of Walter, of Fred, of the lady with her head on the table, of Bernadette, of my friend’s Grammy, other friends’ father, and many more. Sadly, the first few are no longer here. But, I feel them. I feel their pain free energy prodding me to continue.


And, my friend’s aging and ill mother in Edmonton sending me a message through her daughter on facebook: “KEEP going!

So, I will. For them. And, for the others.

A good night’s sleep will help me dream up how to execute my next plan.

Stay well and look after your elders.


8 thoughts on “Playing Russian Roulette with the Elderly in Prince Edward Island

  1. Lor8

    Ya.. they can put off the manner until spring 2016.. but they are gonna break ground on a new liquor store as early as next week.. Says it all.

  2. Lori

    Ya.. they can put off the manner until spring 2016.. but they are gonna break ground on a new liquor store as early as next week.. Says it all.

  3. Even if it’s 49 years old, there’s no good reason for a leaking roof, except neglect. There are plenty of older building around, with roofs that keep the water out. The liquor store is irrelevant to the discussion though. It’s not being built with government money. They liquor board (the government) doesn’t own the building it’s in now, they just lease the space. If you want to go that route, you’re on the path to what we have in Ontario. Privately owned, profit making retirement and nursing homes. I don’t know what the level of care is like at the manor currently. I do know it was pretty good, when my grandmother was there. Certainly better than what I see around here.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kent. Very valid. The care is quite good at the Manor, but the conditions are not favourable. It is a concern when safety is a question. And, the air quality is not good. And, many other issues. It is in dire need of an overhaul but a new Manor has been promised since 2009. I totally hear you regarding the privately owned homes as it would be a financial blow to that community. The liquor store situation runs deeper than we all realize. And, the government is involved but I don’t want to go there as I am learning all about this as we are going along. There’s always more to it than meets the eye! And, you may have touched on one of the deeper topics. Thank your for reading and leaving a comment! All my best, Trilby

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