Keep Going….

Today, the announcement for the new government liquor store in Montague was published by CBC in a positive light, gleefully optimistic about an increase in liquor sales next year, in their new building that will be constructed.

A new building that will break ground as soon as ….. next week. Ready for an opening in June, 2017.


Those dots represent the unbearable silence as we all take this in.  I and others are rendered speechless by an action that celebrates alcohol over senior care. The irony and the tragedy doesn’t escape me as Montague has a significant unhappy population of alcoholics.

Am I missing something here? Oh. Moneyyyyyyy…. *I slap my forehead*

Tonight, I have less words to write, and more feelings. My pile of kleenex will attest to that. I went for a walk in my beautiful West Vancouver Lighthouse Park where trees humble you and the sea soothes. The sun came out as I perched on a rock. I thought a lot. And, prayed to my nature and to my Papa for an answer.

This leaf represents the only answer I received.

Keep going…. keep going…


4 thoughts on “Keep Going….

  1. Ms. K. Stewart

    Some things you’ve probably already considered:

    Politicians hate to be embarrassed. Alcohol over seniors in need? I think you have your basic weaponry right there, even if you are in shock at the moment.

    Despite the old quote attributed to Barnum that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”, a lot will depend on the famous names you attract to support your cause and in which newspapers or talk shows you can get your articles re-printed or talked about. Who is the public face associated with this issue? They must have a high E.Q.with the general population.

    Being familiar with current estimated costs for repairs, renewals and replacements from a couple of contractors lets the public know you know what you’re talking about. A time frame for rebuilding is essential, since this is an ongoing dangerous situation. Comparison with similar disasters that have taken place in the last 50 years; if possible the most dramatic & closest to today’s date. You use a bad situation to hopefully eliminate a potential repeat. Check the names of the deceased and see if they have famous close relatives willing to talk about their feelings on this topic.

    Find (*very* tactfully and covertly) which gov. departments or sub-agencies could really be on your side. There is an amazing amount of competition between them and their workers, much having to do with the amount of funding each is assigned, as well as the attention given to each by the media and 24 Sussex. This is more for background than anything else. Trust no-one unless they have a personal reason for becoming involved, too.

    Note that all these items must be pre-arranged before you go on a firm and determined course of persistent public censure. Remember how quickly things get forgotten in the public mind, so a fast and determined offensive once everything else is ready. Five or six truly *working* helpers right now would be the best gift you could ever receive this holiday season.

    May good luck be your constant companion to your generous heart if you decide to take this issue further.

    As ever, my pride in you and my affection. With aloha, K.

    1. Thank you Kate, for your astute observations and ideas. Wish you were closer! But, you have planted seeds in my garden of thought that is already growing. Your seeds are good. I am contacting people who are in my entertainment industry with hopes for some compassionate help. And, more…. Yes… I must keep going, now. Thank you for your unending support, Trilby

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