Beyond Belief, Booze over Elders…

Yes, it’s true. The PEI government has chosen to construct a new liquor store in the community of Montague, Prince Edward Island, and postpone, once again, their 2009, 2015, 2016 promise of a brand new Riverview Manor, residence for seniors, to (we’ll see) 2017.

BUT, the new liquor store will be ready for business in June 2017.

How we treat our vulnerable defines us as individuals, as a community, and as a country.

How must Montague feel right now as… their vulnerable are pushed aside? The seniors, women and men who contributed to Prince Edward Island in valuable ways, people who farmed, fished, and provided food for the rest of the community. People who taught, who inspired others, who were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters. People who healed the animals, who cleared the roads, who drove ambulances, who hitch-hiked to open a general store for the community. People who had challenges, who struggled, who did the best they could. People who paid taxes.

If the government won’t make things better, then what can we do? What can you do? How can we make them safer and feel like they’re not last on our to do list? If the powers that be won’t do the honourable thing, then what can we do?

In the meantime, I heard my Papa advise me to draw because I’m not a politician. I’m just an individual who cares.


(P.S. See previous blog posts for more details of this situation, if this is your first time reading. Thank you to all for the great support, the sharing, the energy to help.)

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4 thoughts on “Beyond Belief, Booze over Elders…

  1. Phyllis Arsenault

    Oh Trilby, you’re Dad would be so unbelievably proud of you! You have a way with words AND quite a talent of illustrating your point! Great job! I wonder if there shouldn’t be a petition go around all the Senior units in the area and have the Seniors or Seniors’ family sign it. Could this be one of the many reasons why people are not voicing their opinions on the Voting matter? Maybe we are tired of not being heard and say “whatever”!! Keep on trucking Trilby, Proud of your work!

  2. Thanks, Phyllis… I sort of feel that Dad is rooting for the staff and the residents at the Manor through me! Dad made the most of being there because of his attitude and the good humour of most of the staff but I know it was hard on him. I hope more of the community will be motivated to keep the movement going. There is only so much I can do from Vancouver. The community needs to see the government break ground before 2017 for the trust to return, I believe. Best to you!

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