Why bother, they’re going to die…


You’ve led a full life in a community where you paid your taxes. You’ve purchased over and over again in your community, spending your money at local businesses. You’ve had a family. Your own home. Your own house. Your own garden. A dog. Maybe a few. Some cats, despite that damn hair on the couch. You’ve listened to your TV in the background of coffee scents, a home cooked meal, popcorn your kids made, smelled bacon from a weekend breakfast, heard laughter, saw tears, did laundry, played board games and cards, had barbecues in the summer, shared a drink or two over some heated conversations, slept in a double bed with your honey, attended some weddings, some funerals, some graduations…. then, you got old.

You. Got. Old.

And, your ill health became… Continue reading “Why bother, they’re going to die…”

Beyond Belief, Booze over Elders…

Yes, it’s true. The PEI government has chosen to construct a new liquor store in the community of Montague, Prince Edward Island, and postpone, once again, their 2009, 2015, 2016 promise of a brand new Riverview Manor, residence for seniors, to (we’ll see) 2017.

BUT, the new liquor store will be ready for business in June 2017.

How we treat our vulnerable defines us as individuals, as a community, and as a country.

How must Montague feel right now as… Continue reading “Beyond Belief, Booze over Elders…”

Keep Going….

Today, the announcement for the new government liquor store in Montague was published by CBC in a positive light, gleefully optimistic about an increase in liquor sales next year, in their new building that will be constructed.

A new building that will break ground as soon as ….. next week. Ready for an opening in June, 2017.


Those dots represent the unbearable silence as we all take this in.  Continue reading “Keep Going….”

Playing Russian Roulette with the Elderly in Prince Edward Island

The Riverview Manor in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

A place no-one wants to spend the last part of their life. But the decrepit nursing home building is full of the community’s elderly. The community’s loved ones. I know it well. Because of my Dad.


Last week I wrote an article to light a spark of action toward the repeated promised construction of a new Manor. Two days ago I wrote another one to remind the government of the safety of the people, especially fire. And, tonight… Continue reading “Playing Russian Roulette with the Elderly in Prince Edward Island”

Shift funds, break ground… give hope.

Over eight thousand views. That’s how many times “Enough is Enough, Prince Edward Island” published this past week was read.

Witnessing the stats of my blog post growing the past few days and seeing the unbelievable amount of shares on FaceBook, is confirming. Montague needed a match to light the smoldering embers of hope gone.

Thank you to all who boldly shared my words. It has created a renewed energy that will hopefully continue.

Premier Wade MacLaughlin and MLA Allen Roach showed up unexpectedly to… Continue reading “Shift funds, break ground… give hope.”

For Canada Day, a favourite Canadian moment…

Today is our country’s birthday, the day we wear red, the day Canadian flags un-wrinkle and stretch to flapping happiness expressing a little more patriotism than most days.

Happy Canada Day!

I’m happy to say that I feel pretty Canadian. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, raised partly in Banff, Alberta, and Prince Edward Island (where I experienced one room schools!), went to college in London, Ontario, lived and worked in Ottawa, back to Banff, began learning French at 21 years old in Pointe de l’Eglise, Nova Scotia, moved to la belle ville de Quebec to further my French, trained in l’art dramatique for three years in Quebec City, lived in Montreal, performed in PEI, Fredericton, and finally moved back to Vancouver. From Vancouver I toured all the Western provinces, exploring and performing in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC.

I have taken the train, driven and flown across this country too numerous to remember (but the drives amounted to at least 6 times).


I think I can really say, “I’m Canadian”!

But what actually makes us Canadian? For me, I think it’s evident that  it’s the physicality of our country. I have had the good fortune to have swam in both oceans, lakes across the land, hiked very high up in the Rockies, and witnessed extraordinary skies in the Prairies. I guess Canada’s nature defines my Canada.

What about you? And, what would be a favourite Canadian moment?

Mine? You ask?

Hmmm…. my first thought is being at the top of Healy Pass in the Rockies with my friend who was a Banff Park Warden. He met me and another friend part way, and then I rode his horse for the remainder of the trail. At the top of the pass, before my other friend returned on his own, he pulled out some wine and we saluted Mother Nature.

Healy Pass….

That night the warden’s cabin was cozy but also a bit frightening with a massive thunderstorm shaking up local campers. A mini hike, the morning after, to Egypt Lake and my solo hike back to the Sunshine Village parking lot rounded off the journey. (oh… and then a good Sulphur Mountain Hot Springs soak!)

Sulpher Mountian Hot Springs

Yes.. that was ONE of my favourite Canadian moments.

Your turn!

Happy Canada Day…. (and if you are not from Canada, have you been? Or if you haven’t, what would you wish to experience?)