Shift funds, break ground… give hope.

Over eight thousand views. That’s how many times “Enough is Enough, Prince Edward Island” published this past week was read.

Witnessing the stats of my blog post growing the past few days and seeing the unbelievable amount of shares on FaceBook, is confirming. Montague needed a match to light the smoldering embers of hope gone.

Thank you to all who boldly shared my words. It has created a renewed energy that will hopefully continue.

Premier Wade MacLaughlin and MLA Allen Roach showed up unexpectedly to…… the Riverview Manor at the end of the day on Thursday, October 27th. After many invitations to visit and meet everyone, it was a relief to hear that his presence was finally “in the house”.

The staff, residents and families deserve concrete explanations about why the money disappeared after the big announcement almost two years ago, and further back. But, only assurance comes forth: “construction will start in the spring.”

And, why should we believe it THIS time?

I’m sure Mr. MacLaughlin wants this to happen. He’s a nice guy. But what is going on behind the scene that keeps pushing the project into an unknown future? And.. what about that government liquor store that will be built?

Those are my questions. They’re probably yours, too? (update: The Eastern Graphic published on Wednesday November 2, 2016 this article… more promises…)

And, I’ve been thinking a lot about something that concerned me even when Dad was living at the Manor. Something I had to avoid considering as it would drive me crazy with worry.

What if there was a fire?

I resist writing that possibility but if there is something that will give the government an extra push to sooner action, this could be it. Rainwater making ceiling tiles fall means  wires could be exposed to water, as well. Not a good coupling.


Those of you who know the layout at the Manor understand there is basically one exit on the main floor, where all the residents reside (if we don’t count the door to the gazebo area which usually gets blocked in during the winter). There are other exits on the bottom floor.

The bottom floor. Which means stairs or elevator.


It’s too disturbing to imagine the staff rounding up all the residents, out of their beds and to safety. My Dad needed at least two staff members to lift him out of his bed with the transfer lift. It can’t happen quickly. And, doorways are too narrow to just push beds into the hallway.

We have had one nursing home tragedy in Quebec that horrifies me to even ponder. One family member got to the burning building and stayed with his Mom waiting for help, and in the end she said, “Save yourself, no help is coming.” He had to leave.

Montague has had enough difficult times. It doesn’t need more. It needs a fulfilled promise. It needs an injection of honour. The elders who created that community and the children who have kept it alive warrant receiving what has been offered but not given.

Forgive my soap box tone, but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t really like politics nor conflict. I simply want to help. I’m grateful for my life in the arts, and values which continue to teach me to empathize, and to take action.

The community of Montague needs Premier MacLaughlin to stand strong for it. Funds are found in a crisis. Let’s find them before one.

No more words. No more placating. No more promises.

Break ground, not promises. Break ground NOW.

Regain trust.


6 thoughts on “Shift funds, break ground… give hope.

  1. Erica MacIntyre

    Thank you so much for your insight on the realities of Riverview Manor….I had no idea that facility was is this outdated and in bad shape. Your writings will open the eyes of so many. I had a staff member tell me under no uncertain terms will their parents ever be sent to the Manor…this staff member will quit their job and keep them home and care for them.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Erica. I have guilt over my Dad having to go there but we didn’t have a lot of choices if he wanted to be close to his partner of over 50 years, my Mom. It was a hard decision but we both made the best of it. The staff helped a lot by being cheerful and loving to my Dad. I filled his room with his art, my photos, and books. Sadly it was very hard for him to reach a lot…but … I did the best I could. So, yes… it’s time for people to have much better and it should have happened a long time ago. 😦 My best to you… Trilby

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