Sault Ste. Marie, Cirque, some memories…

I’ve lost count what day this is on my return road trip. Does it really matter?

Tonight I sit in a motel in Nipigon, the same town where I stopped on the way east. This time I chose a better motel.

Today I drove from Sault Ste. Marie (the “Soo”). The day was perfect. Dry roads and clear, sunny skies. I’m a lucky mook as it had snowed in this area in the day or two before. Whew… that was close!



I passed through some iconic Canadian places and did the touristy thing… because I could. Wawa’s geese, White River’s Winnie The Pooh (again).



When I’m not thinking about moose, I can’t help but constantly admire the “paysage” of this country. I love its wilderness, its rough, gnarly terrain. I see why the Group of Seven gathered and painted in these areas. There is a poetry of nature and her perfect imperfections that is compelling.


With the gazillion moose warnings on the side of the road, I half expected the roads to be lined with moose doing the can-can at dusk tonight, but… nope.


Two nights at the “Soo” was spent getting reaquainted with my childhood friend from Prince Edward Island (and later Nova Scotia, then B.C.). Another rich side effect from my trip is refreshing my past and dropping into so many of my friends’ lives. Experiences offering me much food for thought for my own life.


A high point of my stay was us (friend, husband and me) unexpectedly going to “Dralion”, the Cirque du Soleil show currently performing in Sault. Ste. Marie. Dralion was stunningly beautiful and skillfully presented. And, we were all taken in by the cheeky, playful clowns who made us laugh over and over again. Another well timed cultural event for moi!IMG_5262

I have much zooming through my brain but must hit the hay as I have another long driving day ahead of me tomorrow.

Keep buckled up, my friends! We have a long way to go yet…. (maybe tomorrow we’ll finally leave Ontario)

Thanks for checking in!


2 thoughts on “Sault Ste. Marie, Cirque, some memories…

  1. Kate Stewart

    Lovely to see that huge, infectious smile. You open to the world the same way my daughter does; it’s delightful! (Also beautiful shot of the countryside related to Go7).

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