Day two, three, four…

Since my last post, I have traveled to Montreal via bare trees, cold winds and then back to some fall colour.


The ride into Montreal rolled me past the Museum where I saw… … the big sign promoting the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit. I happened to also be on the phone with Dad who was “driving” with me into his childhood ‘hood. It was a sign!

So I lured my friend and her goofy, lovely daughters to the exhibit. Rich and a fun time was had by all.


Back on the road, two days later I headed to more friends in Hamilton, Ontario…well, actually, Dundas which is glued to one side of Hamilton. Of course, all I could think about was the shooting incident in Ottawa. The fallen soldier, Nathan Cirillo, was from Hamilton. Flags at half mast lined the highway.


I stayed a couple of nights in Dundas and met all sorts of crazy, creative beings. I think there is something in the air in that town! I almost didn’t get away…. My friend and I also snuck in a side trip to London so I could re-unite with a distant relative. I forgot that London would also bring up a lot of memories as I went to college there for two years. That’s where my friend and I had met!

Where I lived in 2nd year!
Where I lived in 2nd year!

It was fun to drive the back roads and see a little more of Southern Ontario’s little gems. Paris was my favourite. Comme c’est etrange! haha…


Now, back on the road, I’m relieved to be past the gazillion laned highway near Toronto, somehow managing to take the right lanes and the right exits to go North toward Sudbury.


Again, allowed myself a shorter driving day and stopped in Parry Sound, home of Bobby Orr, the famous hockey player. I wasn’t feeling well the night before hence the shorter day.

I’m finding the return trip slightly tougher as I’m more tired and autumn brings up strange sensations for me. It’s a hunkering in, cozy time, which is the last thing I’ll be doing for yet, another several days.

More friends to see, more roads to travel, more gas stations to fill up at, more sunsets (hopefully) to witness in my western angle, and more thoughts to process…..

Buckle up my friends…. off to Sault Ste. Marie today… and it’s sunny!

Always feel better hanging in nature!
Always feel better hanging in nature!


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