Landed and left you dangling!

One week and 2 days ago I successfully completed my summer/fall road trip of Vancouver to Prince Edward Island and back. Sorry for leaving you dangling about my arrival. (if anyone is still reading!) I’m safe.


I was lucky. Tres lucky as snow and cold temperatures were on my heels but… …I made it without my tires touching any of that white stuff (ok.. just a bit in the parking lot at Rogers Pass). Whew! The places I passed through or spent time in are now under snow and freezing temperatures.


Vancouver still has fall colours and not the same boney, naked trees I experienced along my way. I feel like I have gone into a time warp. Backwards. There has been a lot of sun thus far, so no complaining on my part.


And, moi?

Well… it’s been an expected adjustment as I adapt to not leaping into my car for my next destination, that sense of wide open awaiting adventure. But… I guess you don’t need to drive to get this sensation. Just be an entrepreneurial artist. Adventure or scary risk? Or you could just try a new recipe like I did today- butternut squash soup.




Starting to teach my buffoonery acting class almost immediately shoved me into action, which was probably good. My body, however, has been yelling at me in various ways to stop, to nap, to rest, to recharge as the journey, both road trip and care-giving in Prince Edward Island full time, zapped me more than I realize. I guess.

Stopping was something I feared. “Just keep going!” My naughty inner voice taunted me. But I do believe the adrenalin was waning. And, well… there are responsibilities, n’est ce pas?


I will be wise, as much as I can be, stop for awhile, catch my breath and then dig into my video footage so I can buckle up again and put together a sample of our Canadian terrain via the observations of a determined traveler, moi!

Thanks for sticking around!



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