Love and anger… both useful?

Today I awoke thinking about the state of my life. It’s pretty damn good on many fronts, and yet, this year has taken me down unfamiliar challenging roads and my mind has been wandering.

On May 10th, my father died in my arms. My best friend, my confident, my confidence builder, my poetic, brandy sharing spirit left me. On the recent night of…… the blood moon- the eclipse- as I stood staring at the sky I thought about love and immediately, a shooting star. Yes… love is the way to go. At least that is what I’m hoping for.

Soon after his death, I found myself newly alone. Interesting timing. Did I mention that I hate the word “interesting”? People tell me “you’re not given what you can’t handle.”


So, I have become one of the many women of this country who are care-giving (my mother still needs me), and still trying to keep a career going, hence earn my own living so I can pay my bills. My mother lives in PEI and I live in Vancouver. Needless to say, airlines, car rental places, hotels, motels, restaurants are all benefiting from this situation.

I’m not a complainer for the most part. My friends will attest to this but I’m witnessing more and more women, some friends of mine, who are slipping in their financial state because of care-giving. This slipping creates stress. And, we know what stress can do. It’s not good for anyone.

We have a federal election in three weeks and I’m feeling frustrated. Even mad. My family has saved the government so much money by being entrepreneurs, never going into debt, and looking after chronic illness on our own. And, I continue the ritual except that times are different.

Are the politicians talking about this? If you want our vote, you better start addressing this quiet elephant in the room. The women, and the occasional man, are looking after the seniors as the lineups get long for professional care.

My blog post is not about to expound statistics on this topic. My post is just a Trilby rant to say it’s time we turn to the still timely scene in the 1976 film “Network” and “get up from our chairs and get mad.”

It may not appear to be about love… but it is. It’s about love of our rights as human beings. Love for our fellow human’s sufferings. Listen to the scene.

4 thoughts on “Love and anger… both useful?

  1. Tracey MacLeod

    Hi Trilby,
    I was a student of your Dad’s for several years. He taught me how to paint and have confidence in my art work. He was a wonderful man, teacher and one who has greatly affected my life and I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I luckily have two pieces of pottery he made and a little painting he did to show me what he was trying to teach me. Treasures. Thinking of him makes me smile, especially when he’d make two fists, look at my painting and say, “Tracey that is a damn good little painting, way to go man.” A treasure.

    1. Hello Tracey… Gosh, I’m sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been on my blog for awhile. Thank you for your comments. It warms my heart to read your experience with my Dad. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I find it hard and miss him tremendously. Hope you are still painting. Hugs…

  2. Wally Lynds

    Hi Trilby!
    I have often wondered about you and your family over the years, (and it’s been a few!) and more particularly how your dad was doing. I am so sorry about your father’s recent passing. I have lived in western Canada since the late 70’s and have tried looking several times for ‘Jeeves’ in the Banff area, knowing that your parents were thinking of possibly moving back to that area again sometime. I never thought to check PEI when I was back so many times! I have also thought many times about how generous your mom and dad were! They were instrumental in helping me purchase my canoe….which I still have and use! (..and ‘Staying Alive’ still rings out from time to time!) You were extremely supportive of, and dedicated to, your parents, as they were of you. So, it is no surprise to read your blogs and hear about the close & special relationship you have all had over all these years!!

    1. Hello Wally,
      What a pleasant surprise to find your note on my blogpost. Thank you for writing and sharing your experience about my family. How wonderful you ended up in Western Canada. So did I. However, I spend/spent a lot of time back in PEI because of Mom and Dad. I miss my Dad greatly but try to carry him with me in my ventures. Hope you are well. All the best!

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