Creativity in a Canadian Election…. Our Voices

I’m not a “political” person.

That’s how I see myself.

But, what does that actually mean? Does it mean I don’t lie, speak bafflegab, do sly underhanded things to get what I want, manipulate polls, not think about the people I live with, not care for them, not listen, take advantage of the poor (especially if I have a good wage), complicate my issues so as to confuse people…. ? Oh.. I could go on and on and on and…. you get the picture.

2015-09-26 23.03.51

This Canadian election has provoked me. I see my friends (in the arts, sciences, and environment), my community, desperately wanting a change. Things are not going well in our country. Depending on who you are.

So far, I have not heard anyone say, “I hope Steve Harper comes back. I think he is so amazing.” Um. No.

Because I’m in the arts and tend to see things through creative filters and way outside the box thinking, I decided to do something. I had an opportunity and the support from a party I would like to see have a kick at this political can.

The NDP riding of Cardigan in Prince Edward Island with Billy Cann at the helm agreed to take the high road with me and help me produce a non-partisan song/video to encourage voters, especially young people, to vote. I thank them as I know it wasn’t quite the “norm” to do this.

And, lots of creative people are expressing their political voices through videos, writing, social media, music, and art. This internet era gives us our own soapboxes.

I have collected a few pieces here. Enjoy, and feel free to add more or let me know of your favourite online political video or creation.

And, please vote. Vote for a change. We need it.

From the Vancouver Sun (Harrison Mooney):

From Blue Rodeo:

From Rick Mercer’s challenge:

From Mary Walsh “Save Steve”:

From Patrick Curley and Nathan Bushey:

The “Harper Song” (Steve, it’s time to leave) by John Roby:

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