Red.. the name of the play I saw a few days ago. Red… the colour of love, of anger, of strawberries, of blood, of carnations, of rosy cheeks, of cooked lobster, of cheeky lipstick, of eyes that have cried too much. The list goes on. Red.

Red by John Logan, produced by First Impressions Theatre of Deep Cove, directed by Jim Hebb and performed by Cameron McDonald (Mark Rothko) and Mike Bodzanowski (Ken), is brilliant. Thoughtfully written (I kept wanting to write down quotes in my dark theatre seat), this production takes the words off the page and splashes them around with no false notes. I want to go back.

I grew up with a painter…..… My father, Barry Jeeves, was passionate and dedicated to his brushes, his burnt umber, his reds, his white canvases, and skies and trees and old leather boots. And, of course, much more.


As I watched Cameron portray one of Dad’s favourite painters, Mark Rothko, I heard my father’s voice occasionally, but also just kept thinking how much Dad would have loved this play. How this play gives us insight to a painter’s mind. Especially one as bold as Rothko.

“What do you see?”

No need for more words. You’re done reading. All I can say is don’t miss the chance to sit in a painter’s studio and witness the exchange of an aging painter and his young painter assistant. Allow yourself to just “see”.

One more week until March 12, 2016 in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

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2 thoughts on “RED….

  1. K. Stewart

    Sure wish I’d had the chance to see that one. Sounds fabulous. Glad it touched the right notes for you personally.

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