Soleful heeling and more…!

Can I tell you about a favourite place of mine? Okay… thanks!
I’ve just arrived home after a blissful couple of hours at Kalyana in Ambleside (West Vancouver). I’m deliciously relaxed and feeling a little more human than I did earlier today. I’ve been working on set in costumes for the last couple of days. It’s pretty physical and it didn’t help that I ran into a c stand at one point…ouch. (it’s not always quite the glamorous job everyone imagines)
A fantastic chair massage by … ….the magician Amado reconnected me with my neck and back (and even a little of my legs). And then I took a step deeper into some reflexology on my hungry feet and soul (sole?).

Owners Saran and Rowena create an ambience with their staff that instantly makes you feel like you’re a queen, or a king! Tea, a headset with all the meditation or chilling music you need to enhance your physical experience accompany or follow up a treatment.
Saran, with his aromatherapy expertise, slips in to take your session to a higher level with special subtle scents of just the right essential oil of the highest quality.
Did I mention I felt like a Queen? With a capital Q?
We live in a world where we are busy, we rush, we have lists miles long to accomplish and we’re overrun with noise and too much to read and do. It is imperative we look after ourselves and I have to thank Rowena and Saran for creating their healing business.
And, best of all? It’s in my ‘hood. I am one lucky duckaroonie! It’s a West Vancouver hidden gem… but.. I am exposing it. It’s good for my karma!
Yes… I certainly recommend you put Kalyana on your to do list. Go!


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