Colour in movement…

I’m excited. My director of my one woman show Dusty Shoes, Dean Fogal, is having an art show in Vancouver during the first weekend in May (see below).

Dean’s work is full of colour, movement, symbols and is obviously inspired by his skills as a physical theatre professional. Unusual is his medium of felt, paper, and paint. Dive down into caves, walk through forests, fly with birds, let go of expectations, float with landscapes, dance with myths, kiss in a rowboat, run from a bus, worship some shadows… These are just a few of the places you will go when strolling past pieces created by Dean.


I would like to… … invite you to join us at his opening and as Dean says:

“When I think of inviting people to an ideal showing of art, my mind goes a bit nuts. I see great people getting to meet other great people with the visual art acting as a catalyst for these new friendships. I see lots of food and wet bars the size of a football field. I see a full orchestra playing world music so dancing is a must. And of course there are good chats happening at tables placed amongst world class sculpture. Oh, and I see good art that can be had for a song if you are in a buying mood. Except for the real opportunities you have to meet other great people, none of these ideals can be expected at THIS showing of art. Nonetheless, you are invited.”

I’d like to think we can all go into the Gallery space with Dean’s abundant image in mind and have fun being led down paths of our imaginations. (and his affordable prices make his original art available to everyone.)

For more information on Dean Fogal and samples of his work check out his website.

In the meantime, reserve your Friday, May 6, 6pm-10pm for a unique awakening of the senses! Or come by on Saturday May 7, 10am to 6pm, or by appointment on Sunday May 8th. Location is the Yoga Studio at 3476 West Broadway, Vancouver.

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