Colour in movement…

I’m excited. My director of my one woman show Dusty Shoes, Dean Fogal, is having an art show in Vancouver during the first weekend in May (see below).

Dean’s work is full of colour, movement, symbols and is obviously inspired by his skills as a physical theatre professional. Unusual is his medium of felt, paper, and paint. Dive down into caves, walk through forests, fly with birds, let go of expectations, float with landscapes, dance with myths, kiss in a rowboat, run from a bus, worship some shadows… These are just a few of the places you will go when strolling past pieces created by Dean.


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Lonely Blog….

I have neglected you, dear Bouffon Droppings.

I have been busy and have some news. You have a sister. She’s called Dusty Shoes. I know you will understand as you are part of the reason Dusty Shoes exists. And, she likes you.

Here is her image, and she asks for your patience as she comes to complete fruition in the next 4 weeks.