Day 12 into Day 13: Dawn, 5 lanes & back to the city…

Monday’s blog, Day 12, was written before the day was finito.

Knowing I was intending on leaving before dawn yesterday morning (day 13), I packed up as much as I could before my friend Tom and I went off to Cambridge (not too far away) to meet our other friend, Dan. More hellos, hugs and good chatter (and amazing GF tomato/basil pasta), another goodbye (or, rather, “see you on the return”) and back to the goats (but they were asleep).

Friends and good food!
Friends and good food!

Too many parentheses?

True to the plan, I managed to rise at… …4:30 a.m. and get on the road with a coffee to go (thanks Tom!). And, it worked. Traffic was tolerable and not too intimidating. I admit I was a bit nervous and not looking forward to big city driving. Five lanes, big trucks, and others also trying to beat the traffic.

Dawn.... early start!
Dawn…. early start!

Far on the other side of Toronto, I pulled over at one of the Onroute stops and ate my first snack (hard boiled egg), and had a nap. I knew I would need energy for the next phase of my trip: Montreal and my dear friend Joan, her husband Bob, and their two awesome little gals.

AND, I had to get my quota of spontaneous buffoonery and silliness. I did!

These gals didn't hesitate to play!
These gals didn’t hesitate to play!
What a great family! Not afraid of playing!
What a great family! Not afraid of playing!

Arriving early afternoon in Montreal was also good accidental timing. Again, I hit some traffic but not quite at the breakneck speed I had anticipated (yay for roadwork). Despite taking what I thought was a wrong exit, since I know Montreal, I still managed to get myself into the correct neighbourhood. (ironically, where my Dad used to live as a kid)

An internet cafe, a chilled coffee and a great chat with my computer neighbour set off the laughter filled tone of my visit. I loved our introduction: looking at her computer she snorted and burst into laughter. She looked at me and apologized. It was a perfect beginning.

My new friend, Karen! She liked being buffoony!
My new friend, Karen! She liked being buffoony!

Yes.. of course, we talked extensively on the merits of silly connection and ailing family. Serendipity? I say so.

Then off to my friends.

The evening turned into a wonderfully silly, story sharing, improvising, picture taking, sushi eating (I miss sushi!), more silliness, ice cream, a bonding friendship late night chat and finally a welcomed sleep.

My favourite buffoony family!
My favourite buffoony family!

Today… more sharing with the gals and then off to my last stop before Prince Edward Island. Can’t believe I can say that. Not sure where I’m heading today but somewhere in New Brunswick. Looks like I may make it to the Island for my birthday. If all goes well….

Unbuckle for the morning, then BUCKLE up and away we go again!

Buffoony times with the gals!
Buffoony times with the gals!




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