Day 14: Morning off, Montreal Traffic, le Cote Sud…

It’s amazing that in the 14 days I’ve been traveling I’ve only slept 3 nights, including tonight in Rivière-du-Loup, in a motel. I am blessed with beautiful, caring, generous, and loving friends. I’ve slept on the floor (on couch cushions), on a couple of couches, about 5 comfy beds and one….very hard one, tonight! I’m pretty lucky.

Today was a “Aunty Trilby” morning with my two mini lovely bouffons.

My youngest bouffon family!
My youngest bouffon family!

Then more goodbyes (“see you laters”) and back on the road. But, first… … a stop at the Second Cup where I first went upon my arrival, for a coffee for the road…. and…. my spontaneous buffoonery moment! A spirited staff made my late start energized.

No hesitation in these Montreal folks! Awesome!
No hesitation in these Montreal folks! Awesome!

And, energized, I needed to be. Ugh… dealing with Montreal traffic was NOT fun. Thank god for good brakes and no-one slamming into me. How people can drive in this every day is beyond me. Again, I find myself fortunate. Vancouver’s traffic is NOTHING compared to this.


Finally got to the South Shore (cote sud) and on my way in the direction of Rivière-du-Loup. I thought I might make it to Edmundston but darkness veiled my way and fatigue added to my conviction to stop in the Quebec town. The first hotel was full, but thankfully there was un autre plus loin “Motel d’Amour” with rooms left. I made a face. “Motel d’Amour?”… est ce que c’est correque?” Oh oui!

I found the little motel and booked my room. At this point, as long as there was a bed and a bathroom, I was happy. I didn’t relish the idea of sleeping in my car. Fine for a nap, but not a whole night!

The bed is rather hard so we’ll see how my achy hips manage in the morning!

I’m looking forward to rising in Rivière-du-Loup on my birthday as late dusk has already presented this river side town as beautiful.

Then… it’s through New Brunswick and eventually Prince Edward Island. Could it be that I’m on schedule, mostly, and almost safe and sound? Wow…. Will I make it to Dad on my birthday?

Fingers crossed! Buckle up et pensez en Francais pour un peu!

When in doubt be silly with a dinosaur... I think.
When in doubt be silly with a dinosaur… I think.


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