New Venture! A Road Trip… woohoo!

It’s been wayyyyyy too long since I’ve written here. Apologies, although, with all the information overload in the world, you probably didn’t notice, and if one of you did, you’re probably grateful for one less blog post to read.

THAT being said… “I’m baaaaack.”

I am boldly launching onto another adventure. Driving from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast, by myself. The route I have chosen will permit me to see a lot of my wonderful Canadian friends so I won’t be “bored”.


I’m going to blog and film along the way.

In fact.

I’m going to record buffoony moments from others a long the way. “Show me your spontaneous Bouffon!”  LET’S SEE WHICH PROVINCE CAN GIVE ME THE SILLIEST MOMENT!

This journey is also an inward one for me as I ponder all of big life questions. (isn’t that what a road trip ends up being – besides fun?) I am heading to see my Dad who is in full nursing care and very excited to “travel” with me, and to see, hopefully, my mother who is having health problems as well.

So… being silly a long the way is verrrrryyyy important to me.

Want to come a long?

My first big venture was growing up a bit and getting a safer (air conditioned) car, Suzi 2 from my fabulous dealership/garage.

My Suzuki guys rock!
My Suzuki guys rock!

Stay tuned… Road trip starts tomorrow! August 7th, 2014….. BOUFF-ON!

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