Still time to Fringe… Bursting Into Flames!

I’m surprised Martin Dockery didn’t burst into flames after his fiery performance of Bursting Into Flames. I know, probably too obvious. But… there. I said it. Fiery. This actor, writer, poet is a tour de force. From what force he comes, I know not what. The second Dockery arrives on stage, you should have your seat belt already buckled up because the ride has launched. You’ll be tossed around, if not.


We start off in heaven where…… Dockery’s character strutting proudly attempts to explain his new environment. But, he acknowledges the English language doesn’t seem to have the right words. It’s “better, really, really better!” We learn you can’t feel pain so if you hand glide and fall flat, as does his girlfriend, you can just try again and again, even if everyone is laughing. You can’t get fat so you can order and devour as many desserts as you like. You can’t get drunk so you can still drive after copious amounts of wine.

And, friends are friends. Just friends. No hidden agenda.

Dockery in his tactile little girl shirt and little girl socks (his words) just wants to be a perfect host in Heaven, holding parties where everyone ends up in his huge, power jetted hot tub- “a very warm broth of friendship.”

It all seems cozy and too good to be true. So, Dockery leans forward to share his gossip about the antithesis of Heaven. And, here, the English language bubbles and toils forward in a frenzy of intense heat.

As the story unfolds, we start to wonder what just is heaven and what is hell? It seems you can still have some regrets in eternal heaven.

Martin Dockery is a well-known Fringe artist and one can be sure to be taken to an alternate sphere with him in the driver’s seat. His delivery has an unbelievable amount of commitment that I appreciate as an actor, teacher, and audience member. Bursting Into Flames is a poetic and provocative.

There are three shows remaining: (tonight) Thursday Sept.12: 5:15pm, Saturday Sept.14: 4pm, Sunday Sept. 15: 8:30pm at the Cultch. FOR TICKETS

Vive le Théâtre!

Written for the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance

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