Fringing last week… My High Heeled Life & La Cravate Bleue…

Heels and ties… hmm… two items we wear that identify a higher status position in life. Heels, literally, boost us up, giving us more confidence (to some) and ties present a symbol of professionalism, giving an air of trust (mostly).

La Cravate Bleue (the blue tie) is a French play written and performed by Jean-Francois Plante-Tan from Montreal. With his first time Fringe play, Plante-Tan explores the age old dilemma of choosing the risky arts over a secure day job. He does this through song, some dance, and lots of enthusiasm. Bien sur, the blue tie represents the corporate world where his frustration mounts, until he does something else. cravate1

Most of us, especially in the theatre world, can relate. The struggle of staying with your true love in the arts fluctuates with your inner strength, outside encouragement, financial obstacles, and more! Mais… “Ecoutes la voix a l’interieure de toi!”

Plante-Tan’s 45 minute show gives us a taste of his youthful talents and the fact that he is doing this show reveals his decision. He has embraced a more difficult, yet rewarding journey of performing and touring a one person show. For that, I commend and encourage him. We will hear more of him as he blossoms into his already beautiful voice, and passion. Je vous souhaite une avenir pleins d’arts! (Oh… and if you don’t understand French, he helps you out by giving an English synopsis. Try it!)

My High Heeled Life also explores an inner life, written and performed by Katharine McLeod from Vancouver now based in New York. This show struts between facts on heels, stats on depression, odd attitudes, and lots of personal confessions-especially on the power of heels. Having just performed my show, Dusty Shoes, which addresses, amongst other things, not being able to wear heels anymore, I understood how heels can lift you to another level. Crocs? Flipflops? They just don’t do it!  


Halfway through the show, McLeod endowed us with a treat (which you’ll find out by going) – a nice touch. Some heeled advice was also received well: Wear your stilettos while cleaning! Good practice time as you do need to practice. And, it helps to reach the higher spots for dusting. AND, the shoe has less contact on a newly washed floor. It’s also is just more fun. (for her)

My High Heeled Life is on at the False Creek Gym. Check the Vancouver Fringe schedule for times.

La Cravate Bleue is on at The Cultch. Again, check the schedule for times.

Happy Fringing et Vive le Théâtre!

Written for the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance

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