Fringe addicted! “Geek Life & Underneath The Lintel”

Putting these two Fringe plays in the same article seems odd. I know. But, if you’ve seen both you will understand.

I accidently saw Geek Life last week, and was pleasantly surprised at Aji (“Ahh gee”) Slater’s warm presence, and deceivably profound autobiographical story. Love, choosing an unorthodox career route, and embracing his geekiness.


According to Slater, being a Geek just means you are obsessively passionate about something. He even asked if…… anyone in the audience had that something, and what was it? There are sports geeks, cooking geeks, fashion geeks, and so on. There are even conventions because of geeks!! Slater’s passion became the pursuit of performing arts via the clown (“character based physical comedy”) and circus, to the dismay of his father. And, to the dismay of that one girlfriend.

Enter, David Cameron who performs the librarian in the solo show Underneath The Lintel, directed by Jackie Minns of KingBaby Productions. He is the epitome of a Geek. Yes, with a capital G, again.  It’s evident that Cameron embraces this role written by Glen Berger with the same passion the librarian has to pursue a mystery trail commencing with an overdue book. 113 years overdue! It’s a smart show and gives audience geeks a chance to nod knowingly at all the interesting facts that arise as a result of his voyages. (I was sitting beside one, and that became part of the show for me!)underneaththelintel

Both characters in each play live out a journey that has them altered at the end. Geek Life has a juggling youthful perspective. Underneath The Lintel, a more mature, intellectual voyage. But, both are about love, pursuing your calling, and leaping over the obstacles thrown your way.

Slater describes the Geek with such reverence and respect. “The Geek flag is never at half-mast.”  Tis true.

As I left Geek Life, I felt I could embrace my geekiness with less guilt and Underneath The Lintel stamped CONFIRMED on the thought.

Underneath The Lintel has 3 shows left at The Cultch Lab: Tonight, Sept. 13: 5pm, Sept.14: 10:15pm, Sept.15: 4:30pm TICKETS

Geek Life has only 2 shows left at The Revue Stage: Tonight, Sept.13: 8:10, Sat. Sept. 14: 2:10 TICKETS

Happy Fringing and Vive le theatre!

(written for the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance)

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