Two years….my Papa..

Two years ago, May 10th, (Mother’s Day),  I said goodbye to my Dad. The hardest goodbye of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.


It’s pretty impossible as  I have his paintings hanging in my home. I eat off of plates he potted. I bake suppers in a beautiful casserole he created.  Mugs, cream & sugar, teapot…brandy snifters… in which I will pour our favourite drinky to salute you, my first best friend in my life. You even made me my sewing box, and my portable easel. My earring holder was crafted by you. And, some of the earrings you bought me are hanging there. (I loved how you enjoyed choosing special jewellery for both Mom and me… how lucky we were.)

Thank you for being such a good friend, and mentor, Dad…. I miss you. But, I carry you around and insist on your energy. Keep it coming… I need it!

(by the way…. his self portraits were intense as he was painting… He also had a beautiful sparkle in his eyes for everyone…)





A playful moment at our friends’ Harvest dinner in Prince Edward Island…. Crazy artists!


4 thoughts on “Two years….my Papa..

  1. Phyllis Arsenault

    Wow! 2 years already and yet it seems longer. A piece of my heart went with Barry. I enjoyed our laughs and heart-to-heart talks. He will always hold a special place in our family’s hearts. We were fortunate to be considered his friends and maybe even family! Sending hugs to you, Trilby on this day of remembrance of your Dad. He sure was one of the good guys! Take care.

  2. Billy Ca nn

    You’re so lucky to have a dad like Barry. I’ve never met him but came so close a few days before he passed. I regret not paying more attention to moments so as not to miss important things in life. He will always be with you and you with him. Hugs Trilby

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