Still on Prince Edward Island….

I am still in Prince Edward Island.

PEI was my final destination East and I knew I’d spend awhile here. My mother and father needed a good lift so that’s what I’ve been doing. This time has been full of mixed emotions. Like some of the topography here, constant shifting dunes. I witness the parallels between the challenges my parents face in their difficult aging (does anyone have an easy aging?) and life itself.


IMG_3471I have been outwardly focused. Not much time to process or be quiet with me, but that will come. Today… … I sneak in a internet cafe moment in Charlottetown.

Yesterday I got to be a tourist with a Western friend who surprisingly got on a plane and visited me on this fair isle. This was a first. I’ve rarely blended my Western me with my Eastern me.

Western meets Eastern!
Western meets Eastern!

This western/eastern concoction brought up some new tastes. Some sour. Some sweet. And, different textures. Drippy. Dry. Sweaty. Bumpy. Smooth. Sometimes, confusing.

However, being a bit of a tourist and seeing PEI through a newbie’s eyes was mostly good. I saw this Island in its best light (the weather has been glorious) and I started thinking about my reasons for leaving. (which I’m still pondering)


Last night’s show by Lennie Gallant, Searching For Abegweit, pushed all my nostalgic buttons. His musical story telling of his Rustico family roots and Prince Edward Island’s history along with his sister’s (Karen Gallant) video-ed paintings serving as a perfect backdrop brought tears and funny feelings in my stomach. Lennie’s words “When are you coming home?” that he signed in my book by him and his sister caught my breath.

Surprising Lennie!
Surprising Lennie!

I don’t have those same roots. My family is tiny with a scattered history. Lots of unknowns. I peer onto the strength of many Islanders especially those with Acadian or Irish or Scottish roots with strange awe. And, maybe a wee bit of envy.

The good side of all this deep nostalgia and thought is that it all makes me feel more creative. And, makes me want to look deeper into my own wonky roots. Maybe I’ll discover something unexpected!

Time to look into my wide Canadian roots.

And, by the way…. do you know what Abegweit means? “Cradled on the Waves”…. Hmmm….


3 thoughts on “Still on Prince Edward Island….

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