Day 7 into Day 8…. trucks, rocks, trees… repeat..

I’m being silly. But, isn’t that what this is about? Sometimes, anyway. Actually, as most of you know, a road trip provides much time for thinking, contemplation (same thing), assessing, life evaluation, goals, dreams, and where the next gas up and pee stop is, and should I get bad coffee or hang in for a designer coffee.


The obvious answer. No designer coffee. Stop anywhere. Add the almond milk I smartly brought along in my plug in cooler, and it doesn’t taste that bad. So I tell myself. It’s caffeine for those dozy moments and that’s all that counts.

But, I digress. Sorry.

Day seven was a lot like day eight, today. Trees, twisting roads, A LOT of transfer trucks, feeling like a big little car, blue skies, trees, and lakes. Quite beautiful.


I realized that this is a mostly man world with the volume of road workers, miners, truckers, loggers, and a few wives. Thankfully, some guys I found were willing to be silly and I had some fun. And, today I learned about Winnie the Pooh from one. (did you know he originated from Canada??!!)

"Winnie comes from White River!!"
“Winnie comes from White River!!”

Today, Day 8, I learned that those short spontaneous buffoonery moments help to keep me going. They charge me. So I thank everyone who is willing to play and push me to my next goal.

These guys were up for some daylight from the mine!
These guys were up for some daylight from the mine!
What fun these guys turned out to be! Glad I suddenly pulled over!
What fun these guys turned out to be! Glad I suddenly pulled over!

I made it to Sault Ste. Marie and am having an emotional reunion with my dear friend from grade 5, Elaine and her guy, Ron. What a welcome, and what a night. We are sharing many memories. We celebrate our August birthdays together and toast her late sister who passed today, twelve years ago.

Yesterday, and most of today I didn’t have cell service nor wifi and it was the first day I didn’t talk with Dad and share my trip with him. Tonight he is not well and I am worried. He’s an important part of my trip.

Tomorrow I will tiptoe into the States so as to make my journey to London and Hamilton slightly easier. I guess I better finish off my Okanagan cherries.

Keep buckled up and find that silly moment.

Beside Lake Superior... very wild today!
Beside Lake Superior… very wild today!


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