Day Four into Five: Bug splats…

Last silliness in Banff, rockies drama: a bear eating something big, Sunday traffic, bug splats, straight roads, watching the ditches at dusk for glowing eyes and leaping ungulates, super moon, super glowing orange ball in my rear-view mirror, Peter Gabriel singing in my car: “Drawn across the plain lands to the place that is higher….”

Spontaneous buffoonery in Banff!
Spontaneous buffoonery in Banff!

Prairie expanse...
Prairie expanse…


More hellos and goodbyes, ranch quietude, comfy bed, starry sky, kitties running everywhere, hay bales, some more spontaneous buffoonery, a slow stroll on the pebbly road, more conversations and stories….

Martin Family Buffoonery!
Martin Family Buffoonery!
Real cowboys (and girls) can have fun!
Real cowboys (and girls) can have fun!

A sleepier day, air conditioning on and off, time to pull over and nap, waking up to a train, time for some photography, longing for a good coffee, changing my schedule and deciding to rest in Regina.


Tomorrow promises of a delicious morning coffee and hitting the road earlier. Motels are booked in Northern Ontario, thank goodness. Off to Kenora in the morning!


4 thoughts on “Day Four into Five: Bug splats…

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