Day One to Two: Vancouver to Kaleden….

Took me awhile to get out of Vancouver as loading a car for an indefinite time on the road is tricky. But… I got there. Managed to freeze a few blueberries for future smoothies before I left, too!

First stop and last stop before hitting the road: the Pacific Ocean and my first encounter making … … a few people do some spontaneous buffooning! A wonderful energy to start the trip.


These guys were being true Canadian tourists from Seattle and Germany. The leader of the pack – guy in the red hat has been to Canada 19 times and has traveled EVERYWHERE! He’s more Canadian than some Canadians I know. I was inspired.

My second stop was Hope and ice cream for supper.IMG_2686

Okay… it was an appetizer before my late supper with my friends, Pam and Rick, in Kaleden. Lots of homemade rose, more story sharing, and a good night’s sleep.


Love the Okanagan!

daytwo Ok

Now… onwards to Banff! My dear old hometown.

Buckle up and get ready for more spontaneous buffoony play!

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