“Keep Moving….”

That’s the motto of COO Dai Manuel of Fitness Town. Wait a minute, don’t run away! I know this is an artsy sort of blog and we’ll get to that!

But, first….

I belong to a Thursday morning breakfast group called “Think Referrals” started by Rainer Schmoll who created this group with a focus on giving back to the community – now several chapters and, also, an official non-profit society: “Think Generously“. I met Rainer, Dai and a few others at another fun networking group in Langley (Marketing Dangerously Social Media Challenge) put on by the very cool dudes  Neil Godin, CEO of “Marketing Dangerously” and Jonathan Christian, CEO of “We Make Stuff Happen“. Pro-connecter, “Financial Runner” Gary Jones was there that evening as well, and  encouraged me to join “Think Referrals”.(thank you!)

Thinkreferrals Yaletown chapter
Thinkreferrals Yaletown chapter

That’s the background.

I did join. Several months and much laughter later… all chapters embarked, 45 days ago, on their 5th year ritual of “Think Fitness”, supported by Fitness Town. The 90 Day fitness challenge was good timing for me as health has become a high priority in my household, and I wanted to makes some changes.

Hmmm… 90-Day Fitness Challenge.. Doesn’t sound very artsy or warm and fuzzy, does it? Well…as one of my verbs for 2012 was “Embark” (which meant doing stuff out of my comfort zone) I decided to give it a shot. Thankfully, Dai is a good leader a long with Jason Scott, his esteemed side kick, and they have gently hooked this right brainer.

I still am wary of all the terms that everyone is tossing around as they embrace Dai’s fitness guidance: crossfit, throw downs, slam balls (oops, I mean ballslams), kettlebell swings, double unders, burpees, Sprint 8’s, Sasquatch….Sasquatch? I’m learning some of them, but, my fitness definitely comes from a different dictionary.

My list:

*Haven’t used the elevator in 45 days except for a handful of times with groceries.

*Increased my existing morning ritual to include squats, & arm weights, & longer in the yoga plank position.

*More brisk walks on the West Vancouver seawall.

*No more wheat.

*And, thanks to Jason Scott, very cool vibrating mini work outs on the POWER PLATE to strengthen an injured leg!

So… a little softer, but I think it still counts? I do feel better.

I want to thank Dai Manuel and Fitness Town for inspiring and encouraging a whole bunch of people who were skeptical and now have turned into “born again fitness geeks”. Your health mission is good for everyone!

Keep Moving!

Some buffoonery with Jason Scott's Power Plate
Some buffoonery with Jason Scott’s Power Plate

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