Playing… “Under The Piano”

Remember those forts you use to build, as kids, in your living rooms, or bedrooms, or outside, using chairs, blankets, and anything that could help to create a cool cave? Worlds far from the one we were in were concocted with no agenda.

Just recently, I relived a similar experience.

Under The Piano Sound Spa” is a new and unique offering by pianist, composer and entrepreneur Craig Addy.

After a short personal conversation with Craig, he invited me to place myself under the grand piano where he would improvise for approximately 40 minutes.

Immediately I was reminded of those childhood living room forts and feeling extra safe and snug. Under the piano, regally awaiting, were shiny gold cushions matching the interior of the piano, a soft bedding of puffy brass blankets and a red velvet one to pull over you for more cozy warmth.

As I tentatively crawled under, I wondered what the protocol really was when you curl up under someone’s piano. I felt awkward but rapidly enjoyed the mysteriously secure feeling.

I closed my eyes and heard the first note, strong but not too loud, and felt the vibration. My body liked the sensation. For the first few minutes, I felt my brain drifting to the banalities of life chores but thankfully the chords would draw me back to the present.

As I permitted myself to relax, my creative juices started to flow.

The sounds transformed as Craig improvised with an awareness of my energy under his piano, producing a symphony of soft notes, thunderous notes, quiet thoughtful notes, sounds of hope, sounds of sadness and melancholy, and soothing sounds.

Images of my past and present life appeared and disappeared.

Befitting, I thought, another childhood memory rose up with Craig’s final notes. I was reminded of me dancing with abandon at age 5 or 6 in the living room of a family friend. Our friend would put all kinds of exotic music on his record player and I would sneak into the living room, my theatre, and dance while the adults visited in the kitchen.

After the session, Craig and I, in my blissfully dopey state, discussed our individual journeys. We acknowledged a musical sadness that had emerged, but also agreed that it was beautiful and not to be ignored. In a society that constantly promotes being positive we tend to hide the sombre side that also has a place in our lives. After all, isn’t good theatre made from comedy and tragedy? The lighter notes that occurred as well balanced the experience nicely.

And, I felt inspired to write!

Under The Piano, to me, is another tool to tap into our creativity and I look forward to experiencing it again. Anything that slows us adults down long enough to open up our “kid” in us, and our imagination, is magnificent.

Thank you Craig! Craig Addy’s In Tune

5 thoughts on “Playing… “Under The Piano”

  1. Dane B. McFadhen

    Wonderful, Trilby.
    I made forts in the our basement from discarded ‘moving truck’ boxes. Our own ‘womb’ but with escape hatches…
    I’ve been under pianos when I was little but no one was playing. It felt like looking up at a silenced power, dormant until a ‘master’ released the notes.


    1. Ahhh, the lovely piano music we used to hear live day and night at our house tankhs to Elizabeth. The strokes of the keys soothes the soul; fingers in one common goal.A Chopin symphony complete, the grand piano achieves that feat.Sharps and flats are life-long friends, to the world we make amends.

  2. Trilby, thank you for capturing the world of being Under the Piano so magically. I am looking forward to getting present to and then re-creating the world you have just described before doing my Under the Piano sessions with future clients. It’s a great space to be coming from when I create music at the piano.


  3. trilbyjeeves

    It was a magic time! Thank you, Craig, for offering the opportunity… I think Dane’s comments regarding the “womb” are appropriate. How lovely & safe…

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