Holiday Thoughts….

So long since I’ve written here. So long since I’ve written. Too busy being in the moment with real life and not having the luxury of tapping away my thoughts.

Now it’s Christmas. In my world. Is it a holiday in yours? How is yours unfolding?

I used to have picture perfect Christmases as a youngster, with my Mom and Dad, in both Banff (early years) and in Prince Edward Island (mid to later years). A little cozy house in the town of Banff. Christmas lights ready all year ’round to be illuminated at a click of a switch. In Prince Edward Island, our country house built by my Mom and Dad’s hands, nestled in the snow laden spruce trees, bird feeder busy in the back. We sneaked around being mysterious about the hand made gifts we were obligated to make, giving last loving touches. Baking, wrapping, stoking our wood stove in the living room, listening to traditional Christmas music, and being very protective of our time together. Continue reading “Holiday Thoughts….”

Which Christmas category is yours?

Blogging at Christmas


Moping, being artistically depressed, and longing with unrealistic tendencies for a past that probably had it’s problems, too, but in hindsight were cozy, Kinkadishly perfect. Now you altruistically give to strangers, whilst pining for the “old days”, which means when you were a kid. *cough, cough* … Or, you just miss certain people…

Bah Humbug:

Humbugs are a British candy – not particularly exciting, brown striped (boring), and well, I think, kind of “bah”… or was that “BLAH”? Do I need to say more? Bitter…. (As an old term, Humbug also means “hoax or gest”.)

Woohoo It’s Christmas!:

Consumerism raises it’s excited head; you rush about hysterically (in the good manic way) playing beat the Christmas clock (with Christmas tunes), getting cards sent off, presents in the mail, the perfect food planned & cooked. You try to visit everyone you have ever known in one or two weeks, you consume tons of wine in a justified manner (it IS, after all, Christmas!). And, on Christmas Day or Eve you jump around in silly glee for all the goodies you get to open and share, maybe.

So.. this time of year for you? Under which category do you fall?


I bounce around all three. I know, it’s a wishy-washy answer but I do tend to relate to Charlie Brown. Staring at the Christmasy animated screen saver at my chiropractor’s for the last few visits made me nostalgic for my old country home, and the warm lights in the snow. Then I spotted a glitch. No-one in this ideal community with it’s frozen pond skating rink in the center were actually walking together. The little computer generated people were programmed to avoid togetherness, and stroll solo. Not terribly cozy!

Whew… I felt much better, and returned to bah humbugness (it’s easier, right?). That was a close call. But, then I heard Bing Crosby singing in the background and nostalgia caught me again. ARG…

Christmas was my small family’s favourite time of year. Everyone was pretty relaxed, mostly, and we made a lot of our gifts. Creativity was bubbling, and mysterious. Dad insisted on singing his favourite Frank Sinatra songs. And, we lived in the country or in early days, a little town of Banff. It was picture perfect and we had fun.

Times have changed, obviously, so now the challenge is to accept Christmas as a different celebration, and to enjoy it with a new perspective. Not always easy but, possible.

I wish for all of you a peaceful, warm, friend and family filled time. And, if you don’t have that, I wish for you, peace within. Even if you are in the Bah Humbug category, buy yourself a special coffee and, go ahead, smile and wish someone well. You might be surprised how it warms your heart!

Humble Holiday Wishes to You All…

It’s that crazy time of year, a mixed time of year. Good times, nostalgic times, stressful times, lonely times, exciting times, re-uniting times, thoughtful times, panicky times, and plain ole it’s any other day times.

What is it for you?

Each year has proven a mix of all the above, but I do remember in my far past Christmas was a time of great joy, an intimate time in my little creative family. We had a rule that we all had to make at least one gift to each other. As we created in our selected corners, and screamed, “don’t come in here”, the energy built wonderfully up until thee day. It truly was special, and I will always treasure those snowy country times.

Of course, as life goes on, things change, evolve, alter, and become not the same. And, that’s normal. (but the kid in me just wants it to always be like it was…!!!)

Prince Edward Island snowy view

This year I will spend time with my family in a very different setting but I hope we can retain a flicker of our past.

I extend my wishes to all who fall upon, read, and acknowledge my humble blog. Thank you for reading.

May you have a truly heart warming Holiday Season in whichever form you partake. Be gentle, and grateful for you, your friends, and family. And, if you are solo this year, take the time to connect with yourself, and celebrate. (and eat a chocolate)

I look forward to starting a New Year, here, and maybe meeting some of you.

Happy New Year!