Seasons Greetings 2010…

It’s that time of year again…. The sentimental, nostalgic, busy, stressful, warm, sad, exciting, loving, indulgent, restful, abundant, lacking and so on, time of year.

Depending on your circumstance, Christmas can be a very wonderful time. Or it can be the absolute opposite. If it is… hang in there, for this too, shall pass. For me, it is a mix of all of the above. But, mostly I find it a wonderful time to re-connect with friends

I am grateful for the homey snow filled country Christmases my family and I experienced growing up in Banff, and then PEI. Those fun, close times have become very warm, sometimes sentimental, memories.

Now I’m in the city and my partner, Peter and I are having a quiet, rainy Christmas together. My family is still in PEI, and Peter’s is scattered around, too. But, it is cozy in our little apt. and I will still do a turkey… just because.

My main reason to show up here, at my blog, however, was to wish anyone reading a peaceful and caring Holiday season. Hopefully you have a lot for which to be grateful, and some close friends and/or family sharing.

I wish you a Healthy, Loving, Creative, and … Fun New Year.

All the best from both me, Trilby, and Peter….

Trilby & Peter Dec. 24

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