Video of Trilby Jeeves reading the 2009 World Theatre Day message

At the Backroom Theatre Club in New Westminster, British Columbia, for World Theatre Day, we had a nice gathering of local people to listen to new writings by Dane McFadhen, Elizabeth Elwood, & Jemma Downes; to a staged reading of a scene from Talley’s Folly with Dan Weber, & Trilby Jeeves; to two wonderful stories of nature by poet Ariadne Sawyer (World Poet Society) and First Nations storyteller, Godwin Barton. Thanks to the organizers, Jemma Downes, Heidi Mueller, and Paul at The Heritage Grill who hosted the event.

2 thoughts on “Video of Trilby Jeeves reading the 2009 World Theatre Day message

  1. JemmaD

    Nice speech Trilby, thank you for your participation in the Backroom Theatre Club. You helped to make it a successful evening.

  2. Name: FairyTale Productions, IncMemories: We did several years of ciedlrhn’s fairy tales. Kansas City, Kansas schools all came as well as lots of other schools from Johnson County and Kansas City, Missouri. Bob Maes played the theatre pipe organ for our shows and made sounds during the show that matched the action on the stage. Our shows were elaborate with huge sets and flies that went up and down and gorgeous costumes creating animals, fabled characters. We did Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and others. We had a blast and we loved it. We Miss this theater and the good times we had entertaining ciedlrhn. We were here when the Granada was being opened for the first time after being closed for 17 years. We helped paint some of the theatre and fixed flies. We even had the lady from the Missouri Rep Theater come and critique us. She loved us which made us feel great. THANKS for the memories!

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