New Year Ponderings…. 2012 to 2013

Cup of tea in hand, birds chirping on the balcony (five dollars of bird seed is good entertainment value), I stare at my computer on this last day of 2012 and wonder what brilliance I can bring to my final post of the year. IMG_5315

I’m not sure.

I could review my year, as so many of us do. And, or, I could dash off my hopes and dreams for the New Year. Or, I could expound on the absurdity of a “new” year when time is time and just goes by day by day, and really, is anything different?

But, there is that psychological component. A new beginning. A new slate. New ideas. New resolutions. A new agenda, literally and figuratively. I get that, and somehow, am seduced by the idea. And, maybe that’s okay.

Last year, inspired by Chris Brogan (a great guy to follow), I chose three words for 2012, which I spoke aloud at the end of my stretching routine each morning. Embark, manage, and focus. “Embark” meant I needed to explore and do things that took me out of my comfort zone. “Manage” meant improving how I took care of my business and personal life. “Focus” meant to hone in, and not be so much of a multi-tasker (nice way of saying “scattered”?).

How did I do?

Not bad. I did undertake actions that challenged me. Jumping on a plane to another country when I hadn’t travelled for a while, hiring a business coach, being a student, saying no more, and writing more regularly and publically were a few. Focusing continues to be an ongoing challenge but I’m substantially more aware when I float away from an unfinished task and pull myself back. (Now I’ve added cute little birds feeding on the balcony, I’ll have to work harder at not drifting!) And, because my focus has improved, my “managing” has followed suit. Choosing to let go of old ideas for my business has also helped to hone in. (My biz coach gave me a thumbs up!)

So, dare I be hopeful for 2013? Boldly, I declare yes! In the latter part of 2012, I committed to a venture that will take me massively out of my comfort zone in 2013 (overlapping resolutions!) but closer to an overdue passion. The result will reveal itself in August at the Edmonton Fringe Festival in the form of a one woman show – written, performed by yours truly.

Insert a big gulp!

There is much ado about following your dreams, your goals, and taking that leap of faith into an area where fear loves to herd in all obstacles. Magazine articles, inspirational seminars, self-help books, and even advertising all coach you to follow your passion. There’s a lot of pressure to rise to your potential and attain everything you want in life.

But, what if you are happy to just plod along and enjoy your day to day activities, your day job, and your surroundings. Does that make you less somehow? No, it makes you purely in line with life. Maybe you don’t have a burning desire for a big dream. Maybe you’re content with good conversations, good meals, sharing coffee with friends, being there for loved ones, exploring a new path in the woods. And, maybe that is enough.

So… where ever your energies lead you, to a good coffee shop or to be a world renowned speaker, I wish you peace, satisfaction, and a gathering of good stories to entertain your imagination. And, I challenge you to open your eyes wide, and just check in to see if there is a way to make a moment a wee bit more special. (Maybe it’s putting chocolate flakes in your coffee, or a random act of kindness to a stranger.)

Happy New Year and Good Health to you and your tribe.


Passion at its youthful best….

When I was a kid, I remember lining up my teddy bears (a very motley crew that I loved very much) on the couch, putting on a “record”, and getting my conducting stick out. The songs were simple Christmas tunes with choral singing. Away I went!

I never got quite as passionate as in the following video, but I don’t think I really wanted to be a conductor as much as the 3 year old boy’s talent reveals. His joyful actions are such a testament to true passion. I love watching his unbridled enthusiasm, right up to the end!

In case you ever need to inflame your passion, or an energetic shot in the arm, watch this! Rediscover the 3 year old in you and fall off your chair with energy!