Vancouver Bouffons Spicing Up L’ÉTHÉÂTRE

L’ÉTHÉÂTRE is a new summer cultural event celebrating media arts, visual arts and stage performance in Vancouver, Canada, produced by Regis Painchaud and Lorraine Fortin of Visions Ouest Productions.

Bien sur, most events are en Francais, but art is an international language, and these events can be enjoyed by all.

In fact, on opening night, this past Saturday a gang of …well, not exactly humans, was present and spiced things up while people enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and their pre-show socializing.

Yes… Madame Rouge (me) & her Bouffons came out to play with audience members, and with some of the other performers of the evening. (This gang loves “enhancing” special events…)

As well as creating unexpected havoc (in the funnest way possible), les bouffons held space for circus performers, Benoit Ranger and Catherine Joly of “Les Transporteurs de Reves” as they displayed an amazing routine of strength and beauty. (Us Bouffons decided they were our esteemed cousins)

Les Transporteur de REVES
Izafuhh & Gagon "circus act"
Izafuhh & Gagon "circus act"

Later that evening the main show contrasted our wild opening with the classy ‘Le Trio Boris’ featuring lyrics of  Boris Vian, & Jacques Prévert.

This upcoming week I (not Madame Rouge) will be enjoying more of L’ÉTHÉÂTRE with a performance by ‘Le Duo Alcaz’ on Wednesday evening (July 14) at 8pm. I hope many will come and support this great new festival by Vision Ouest Productions!

(and who knows when those crazy bouffons will re-appear.. muhahaha)

Madame Rouge mocks cellphone use!

Celebrating the Arts

Well, it’s official! It’s here… Happy World Theatre Day! How wonderful that we have a day that we can pronounce proudly to all and celebrate in the name of the arts.

Thursday was a World Theatre Day preview in my world with my morning class of Bouffons honouring the World Theatre Day International Speech by Augusto Boal (see post), in their bouffon way.

World Theatre Day Bouffons!
World Theatre Day Bouffons!
Bouffon reading thee speech!
Bouffon reading thee speech!

Thursday evening consisted of an intimate gathering of people at The Heritage Grill BackRoom Theatre Club for story telling, legend reading, scene reading, and of course the International Speech, which I was lucky to read to the group. The response to Augusto Boal’s words was full & spontaneous. “Theatre is not just an event; it is a way of life!”

My secret pleasure also last night was reading with my favourite thespian, Dan Weber, a scene from Talley’s Folly by Landford Wilson. This was the first play I had ever performed in my life so my nostalgia was flared up – in a good way! We had fun!

Trilby & Dan reading Talley's Folly
Trilby & Dan reading Talley's Folly

My new blog is not just a “theatre blog” unlike some of the esteemed people in my online circle, so I would like to acknowledge those who might feel “theatre” is not for them. Well, as Augusto Boal has stated in his speech, “All human societies are “spectacular” in their daily life and produce “spectacles” at special moments.” To you, the one who may not consider your life theatrical… you are!

Have a great day, and keep an eye out for those diamond moments today in your life that carry their own little performance and setting. Enjoy!

(and don’t forget to peek at some other theatrical adventures around the world on the World Theatre Day Blog )