Buffoonery in Victoria, BC, Canada
Buffoonery in Victoria, BC, Canada

Buffoonery Workshops is BASED on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq of Paris, “Le Bouffon” is a clown of sorts- an intelligent clown, perhaps, from the depths of our earth. Its pleasure is to mock and to imitate the absurdities of the human being (don’t we do strange things?!).

They get sheer joy at playing their opinions (and they tend to be exaggerated in their appearances!) There is no limit to the expressions of “Le Bouffon”…..

For the actor and the non-actor, being a Bouffon frees you to your playful self where you can find an honesty that resonates into your “normal” life!

“The opposite of play is not work – the opposite of play is depression.” Stuart Brown 

Have you continued to play at work or in your personal life? Just asking!

Buffoonery ACTING Workshops

Buffoonery TEAMBUILDING Workshops

Buffoonery WELLNESS Workshops

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    I’m not sure I understand your comment, especially with regard to my site. Could you let me know a little more? Thanks…. Trilby

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