Holiday Thoughts….

So long since I’ve written here. So long since I’ve written. Too busy being in the moment with real life and not having the luxury of tapping away my thoughts.

Now it’s Christmas. In my world. Is it a holiday in yours? How is yours unfolding?

I used to have picture perfect Christmases as a youngster, with my Mom and Dad, in both Banff (early years) and in Prince Edward Island (mid to later years). A little cozy house in the town of Banff. Christmas lights ready all year ’round to be illuminated at a click of a switch. In Prince Edward Island, our country house built by my Mom and Dad’s hands, nestled in the snow laden spruce trees, bird feeder busy in the back. We sneaked around being mysterious about the hand made gifts we were obligated to make, giving last loving touches. Baking, wrapping, stoking our wood stove in the living room, listening to traditional Christmas music, and being very protective of our time together. Continue reading “Holiday Thoughts….”