Breathing Into Simplicity…

Do you ever have so much to do that you become a deer in the headlights and can’t seem to accomplish anything?

You stare at your computer, the piling up papers, the dying plants on the balcony, the list of phone calls to make, the books unread, the gathering dust, the tantalizing projects demanding your creativity, the workshops to book, the website to re-vamp, the tweets to tweet, the photos to get printed, the food shopping to do (we can go one more day without granola?), the other pile of tax stuff waiting, the nagging laundry, the birthday card & gift to send…. need I go on?

Western problems. Our world on “overwhelm”. Kind of makes you feel silly. Nothing on that list is life threatening, or dramatic. But, in my little bubble, the tornado of those tasks whirling around affects my entrepreneurial work habits, and my quiet time.

So, it’s time to hone in, make some choices, and simplify.

Maybe that means attending less “meetings”, cleaning up the desk, once and for all, checking emails less frequently, choosing a website format that makes it easier for my clients to also have clarity.

Maybe it means setting aside some of those “how to” books, and just diving in and doing. (My parents didn’t have pod casts to watch, seminars to take, social media skills to learn, and they still managed to have a business!)

Maybe it means just turning off all electronic devices for a period of time!

Maybe it means not feeling guilty when having a long winded, enjoyable coffee with a friend.

I have been in touch with someone who works well with an eye on simplicity. Dave Charest encourages his clients to pick and choose the essence of their missions. His blog, “FuzzBucket: Inspiration – Creativity – New Media Marketing for the Human Condition”, is simple, airy, and filled with do-able marketing advice for people in the arts. I hope to finally apply some of his business suggestions.

This is a positive period. It is a time of valuable reassessment and focusing on breathing into simplicity. Sometimes too many choices (or perceived choices) are not good.

I’m talking to myself, but in doing this maybe I’m talking to some other people too? How about you?

Here’s a great TED talk:  “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz

One thought on “Breathing Into Simplicity…

  1. Yes to all of the above! I’m happy you’re finding time to implement. Keep it simple: choose one thing. Then move on. =)

    Thanks for the mention. Where did you find that amazing picture?

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