Vancouver Olympics Playtime…

When I first learned that the Olympics were coming to town, I was amongst those against the idea. I jumped on the “let’s get out of Dodge” attitude. As the Olympics drew closer the politics, the potential problems, and the ethical questioning also heightened.

I wasn’t terribly positive.

Then a strange thing occurred.

Innocently, I “retweeted” a tweet about an Olympic Hockey contest by Tourism B.C. and a couple of days later it was announced that I had won.

I won? What did I win???? I was baffled as I didn’t even know I had entered!!

I had mixed feelings as I thought someone more fanatical than me should have won the 3 hockey tickets, the limo, the hotel, the Hockey House day, and then…. I started to get excited, really excited!!

As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel  waiting for my “limo” to pick me up to go to two Women’s hockey games while my guy is watches the Men’s Hockey game!

Yesterday, I was taken around Robson Square downtown Vancouver by Chris Wheeler, the Torch Reporter, and taken up on the Zipline…

And, last night I was standing at a perfect place on Robson St. with an energetic crowd as Canada’s Jon Montgomery won gold on the Mens Skeleton.

Just before taking the leap!

Needless to say, I admit that I have set aside my earlier apprehensions for some Olympic playtime. It really is fantastic to see everyone having so much fun, sharing energy, and a sense of Canadiana of which I’ve never witnessed.

I’m sure the Olympic hangover will be tough, and things are far from perfect. But, for now… I’m just going to continue to join in, play, and recharge my sense of fun.

Hope some of you are doing the same, or at least that the spirit has affected you wherever you are!

More later!

Witnessing Jon Montgomery's Gold Medal Skeleton!

The War of Art…battling resistance

It’s 2010 and somehow January slipped by in a speed, and in a series of events that left me a negligent blogger. I feel like I’ve left a love one unattended for just way too long.

So.. it’s February 1st and I’m not waiting any longer for the right moment, the inspiration, and the long comfortable stretches of time that will, of course, make me write a brilliant blog post. Ha! What am I thinking???

According to so many, I just need to show up, and take action.

This is me taking action.

In the “theme” of just doing it, I’d like to share another book with you called “The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Inner Battles” by Steven Pressfield. In his book, Pressfield discusses all the ways we resist practicing our art, and what to do about it. I squirmed as I recognized myself in many of the varieties of resistance (from procrastination to fantasies to assorted vices to plain old fear).

If you’re unsure of your styles of resistance, this book will define them for you, and give you the kick in the pants we all need from time to time.

The War of Art” is an easy read in one way, and also very challenging as it pushes you up against a mirror. Time for another re-read for me!

What are some of the ways you dare to admit that you cleverly deviate from producing your art or following your calling?

I’m glad I’ve broken the spell of not showing up here, and I boldly wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Creative 2010, even though it is already February 1st!

Treat yourself to “The War of Art” at my favourite bookstore, Biz Books, in Vancouver, now online!