Humble Holiday Wishes to You All…

It’s that crazy time of year, a mixed time of year. Good times, nostalgic times, stressful times, lonely times, exciting times, re-uniting times, thoughtful times, panicky times, and plain ole it’s any other day times.

What is it for you?

Each year has proven a mix of all the above, but I do remember in my far past Christmas was a time of great joy, an intimate time in my little creative family. We had a rule that we all had to make at least one gift to each other. As we created in our selected corners, and screamed, “don’t come in here”, the energy built wonderfully up until thee day. It truly was special, and I will always treasure those snowy country times.

Of course, as life goes on, things change, evolve, alter, and become not the same. And, that’s normal. (but the kid in me just wants it to always be like it was…!!!)

Prince Edward Island snowy view

This year I will spend time with my family in a very different setting but I hope we can retain a flicker of our past.

I extend my wishes to all who fall upon, read, and acknowledge my humble blog. Thank you for reading.

May you have a truly heart warming Holiday Season in whichever form you partake. Be gentle, and grateful for you, your friends, and family. And, if you are solo this year, take the time to connect with yourself, and celebrate. (and eat a chocolate)

I look forward to starting a New Year, here, and maybe meeting some of you.

Happy New Year!

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